Spaghetti With Hot Sauce - My Time at Portia [Year 3 - Episode 4] (2023)


Welcome back everyone to another year in Portia! We have survived the first two years, which was filled with rescue missions, mining, wood struggles and more. Our workshop is ready for more challenges, and hopefully, we'll beat Higgings again this year.


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And let's wake up all righty.

We've only been to america out of canada, but I'd love to go to scotland ireland, something especially england.

I have a lot of background there.

So I want to see where my interests came from that is so nice.

I can I really understand why you want to go there.

I have been doing a couple of countries.

I have been to spain.

I have been just across the board of germany.

I've been through belgium.

I've been to poland, I have been struck in the czech republic, and I have been to what's the part of spain, it's, uh, the canary islands.

It just has been really really nice.

I've been like, I had a day trip to portugal.

So yeah, I've seen already quite a bit.

Did you hop? I did halves microstella trees, that's, just so amazing.

Thank you egg.

I could really use those crystals at this point.

Thank you.

All right.

So everything here is going great.

Oh, those crystals look ripe to be plucked from their trees, but I still have to wait two goddamn days, it's so annoying, I want them now they have.

They have some pieces.

He does have feces.


They were really nice.

They were also different.

I I can't really say that one place was less nice than the other, because they are really hard to compare.

I mean, you can say that relatively speaking, for example, spain a particle or some other like, um, another tree berlin and rocks.

I suppose we I really don't like this one go.

Do you sure we'll do this one? I really don't want to go back to the desk to kill some spiders? Um, black forest is really nice.

I I have been to a fourth in germany.

And I think it was bordering the region of the black forest.

I don't know whether it was the actual black forest.

I have to say, um, I'd love to go there.

Someday, go hiking see what's around.

I'd love to do that someday as well, let's pick you up let's guys this all in here.

And then I need one large pipe, which I think I might have laying around don't die.

No, I don't, but that's.

Okay, then how long are you going to take? Okay, let's cancel.

This one it's fine.

And this all seems to be going a-okay all right, let's, wait them in a minute or so let's, wait an hour or so for the large pipe to finish, and then we can bring it to mcdonald's anything.

I need to do here.

I probably need to sew some seeds don't die.

This has become a completely redundant chest.

Oh right.


All seasons.

Sure let's make some rainbow flowers.

I think they can grow in a small plant boxes.

There we go seven days like eight days, more like eight days does anyone need my help this isn't a dd stop that I want to curse to hell I'm back at this point? Because I want this like you don't want to be that easy.

Stop you're like redundant in every way shape no possible.

I have a security ghost if you want to like visit germany and back forest, because of all the fairy tales, then indeed, scotland or ireland, like that's the place to go as far as I can tell like a lot of legends and stories about witches, but also druids, the celts will come from there.

Your family used to own a castle in scotland, and you really want to see do they still own it.

I don't think so because she says used to and are we talking about like family from many many years ago as in 100 years ago, 200 or more recently, that's a very awkward padding distance, but that's.

Okay, all right my little ducklings, you are so adorable all righty.

So I think the large bike might be finished.

So we can actually exit from the outside the product storage, uh.

Thank you.

And then we can go.

I think mcdonald's just on this wrench isn't.

He yes, he is all right mcdonald.

What do you have for us? We can actually do some lesson like that mini game that's over here.

I mean, there's, nothing else we can do really so why not great work, you're, a reliable builder, that is definitely what I want to hear.

I I still I hope that I am somewhat okay in roping.

Oh, this is going fairly well, it's so adorable.

Now I didn't like that, that's for sure another sheep, all still the same sheep.

I, don't know maybe his sheep is just walking around that could be indicated by a horse.


That was way too early.

I just got cow coming.

What is a cow well.

I messed it, up, it's.

Okay, though, uh, I think a few hundred years ago, my grandmother traces back to the davidson clan who owned a turlock castle.

But I think in the early 1900s, it was bought from the last owner now it's a hotel, but it's, still a castle that's, really nice.

You can actually stay in the castle that your family used to own.

That is absolutely incredible there's.

A nice piece of family history.

You have there.

I have to say all right, let's, put the milk away and let's put the warm fur away and let's just see what are we going to do today? Um, any plans.

No one needs anything from me that, oh, hey, how are you doing guys one spaghetti with hot sauce? I don't think I've laying around and I'm also, not really sure whether I can make that, oh, well, nothing that I really need all right? Hey, sonia how are you doing? Hey now that you're part of our gossip team, you have to tell me where you get your outfit standard procedure.

Yeah, I think if you tell them that you're in this energy just get a free tour, oh really and it's haunted as well.

Hey, let's, see if you can find a ghost of your ancestors, it sounds like an amazing holiday all right let's.

See about how far else is with her book.

Do you see anything you like all my flowers are freshly, picked not what I wanted to hear.

But thank you alice.

Thank you very much.


My store is my pride and joy besides toby, of course, goodbye sure martha.

We now know where toby stands don't.

We actually go inside here.

Oh it's.

Her house, of course, lately, this was our house, I'm still wondering, though where's everyone's kitchen where I have never seen a house in portugal with a kitchen like let me know in the chat, if you know a house in the kitchen here in portugal, or in the comment section of the video, but I can't recall having seen a kitchen anywhere, not even in the restaurant, not even in martha's baking store.

I said, I wanted to be the strongest man in porsche.

They all laughed.

Then I said, I wanted to run a furniture store.

They left even more, but look who got the last laugh is this a different voice actor.

It doesn't sound like poorly, but it could just be me.

Oh look, who's sleeping here again, mint iris.

So how are you doing? I have a life dead to him.

So it's, my honor to be his battler.

Okay, nice to hear.

You haven't seen a kitchen either fancy nost that's.

Odd, like I've seen many bad rooms.

I don't think I have to worry that someone doesn't have a bed anywhere.

But where did they get their food from like the only kitchenish I have seen is like the hot pot or the uh ends above the fire during any of the festivals here.

But I can't imagine that people are just cooking once or twice a year in the festival and just eating the whole year from it that would be insane would be funny, but insane, even here in the china, there is no way like where's the kitchen like there's, no kitchen anywhere.

Alright, not gonna play any games here and I'm.

The only one left here in the restaurant.

So I would have thought when I first arrived here that this is like the big council table.

I now know it's more like a plain gods table like where people would sit around and discuss very serious stuff while being while having dinner, and I think like that's, amazing and I'm, local it's, just a place where old men come around and play cards, it's, fine, how's egg, doing let's, have a quick talk to him my little helper, oh, you can cook.

Can you cook me spaghetti with hot sauce? Oh, I can actually get from you whatever.

Thank you.

I didn't expect, I would be able to get spaghettified hustles with him, maybe then vince invisible that is that could definitely be the not look case today.

He probably had another argument with the people at the research center, the conflict between the church.

And our research center has been going on for a long time.

When will they give it a break? We all want the best for humanity that's true.

I want to give you gifts spaghetti with hot sauce.

I was hoping for this.

Thank you.

And I got rainbow lemonade.

What does both of them? Do? I have got a attack buff and a defense buff that's, rather nice like wouldn't worship be on the map.

Then instead of like being the city who have or the ai or the one who needed the builder like to the city of invisible kitchens.

Now that I think of it, I don't have any I have like three sewing machines in my house, but not the kitchen to be found all right.

So I've got food number three, let's, put you all in here, the cornwall, I still know your idea I do have a kitchen actually there is my kitchen and welcome it's gg west taken.


Welcome to the stream.


So actually I do have a cookie pot here.

Do I have any recipes that I can cook? Um, not really.

I should probably make more recipes at any point.

I think tomorrow tomorrow already need to know one.

Another you to know, one, another let's, I know that you two meet each other here again in my chat, but rather nice all right.

Guys, let's go to sleep.


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