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Welcome back guys today we are joined with eric from pretty much it once again, hello, hi.


Hi joe, hi.

How are you doing it's been a it's been a long time? It's been a minute we're watching tusk all I've seen is the movie poster.

I haven't even seen that so I'm I'm more in the dark than you.

I never saw it, but I always wanted to it was always on my list and I'm.

So glad that you guys are finally giving me a reason to watch it what's, an 8 20., oh it's, an a24 film, um, hey, if no [ __ ] actual event.

Okay, oh I'm just gonna say I was just gonna say I clearly saw that there was like an effect going on for a second.

And I was wondering what the hell was about to happen.

Join us.

Next week while wallace sits down with the uh one-legged wonder, the master of self-mutilation the kill bill kid.

Oh, he's coming in for an interview until next time.

I'm teddy craft what's in it.

A lot wait a minute.

He has the last thing.

His last name is you? You don't your long-lost older brother, new jersey, eh, yeah.

Years back now, it's, uh, los angeles, a man torn betwixt devils and kings is that the guy that's, [, __, ], uh, the, uh, food, guy.

Yeah, epic meal time.

Yeah, what? Oh [ __, ], what'd, you say, I said, the dude, I thought it was the dude from hangover for a second.

Zach bro, 100.

I watched hangover like six months ago, it's, right there when you look at it and you see past that sacred maple leaf, you know what you see? I think you're wrong.

I think this is epic meal time.

I think you might be wrong.

Bro, dude.

What if zach was on epic meal time, all right all right? [, __, ], you I travel around, and I interview weird or interesting people.

And I describe it to my best friend who does not see it firsthand? Oh, that was a cool idea for a podcast.

I guess I guess it's somebody's, dead, [, __, ].

The [ __ ] is this is that killed epic meal time? Did he die? Was that the leg guy? Yeah, oh my god, oh my god, oh, my god killed himself, I'm so pissed off right now.

I got to find a flight back tonight, but I'm thinking, I don't want to come all the way back with nothing.

We need a show this week.

So I mean, god, this is so you guys are 20, yes.

I mean, so you don't, you don't care this year, but god, damn it.

Do I miss just being in a dive bar, just sitting in a [ __, ], dive bar, god, damn it.

The first time I really started drinking.

I was 22.

So I never had any experience really just because I don't know why? But I never had any experience like trying to drink 20, black dow at like, or in middle school graduation.

I I didn't do that, but it would have been [, __, ] sick.

If I did just sixth grade, [, __, ], shotgunning like six-pack for sixth grade.

I want a four loko in fourth grade, absolutely shocking for locus in fourth grade.

Hello is this dick out right now is it? I hope there's something still peeing you hear it? Yeah, uh, how far is by frost from here? Bye frost [, __, ], that's, far.

These people look familiar, but I don't know the names.

Yeah, that's, definitely, I mean, it's, very clearly a cameo.

I think that that's kevin smith's daughter and maybe somebody else's daughter.

I wonder for something everybody is somebody's daughter, even us.

But pippy hill.

Did it say, yes, scooby doo movie sounds like a youtube, queen, yo, yo, when's that when's that dropping you're joe josie walker.

You did drop yesterday.

Are you missed? Oh so by the time people are seeing this.

They could go back and watch the yeah.


Howard, hey, you know when people first become entangled with my name it's much like a french bedroom, forest aren't, those tony stark's glasses.

There's, a lot of yeah, jesus.

My grammy had those things those like cover the toilet paper right? What? Yeah, yeah.


That's toilet.

Paper cover there's.

A new rule.

I don't understand dolls like at all, you don't understand dolls.

Yeah, let me just have a stuffed little person.

Typical man, much more interested me, personally than you were in the room.

Yes, because I saw this, oh so that's, the dude that wrote that in the bathroom right, oh, yes.




I'm gonna look up his name, real quick because it's gonna drive me nuts, I'll still see if that was epic meal time or zach, hey, also, my friend just got a negative cover test result.

Good night, good for her congrats friend.

It also was his and johnny depp's daughters in the store.

Yep, uh, it's, it's, harley, it's epic, meal time, whoa, oh, my gosh, let's.

Go, hey now, you're.


Now you listen to me, I just came in my pants.

So you can actually say those things without any repercussion.

Yeah, the audience likes it, real and raunchy.

So I try to keep it real and raunchy.


You guys do that? Dude, yeah, this is before we record let's, keep it real and raunchy real and raunchy.

Yeah, yeah.


And then we just commit to only making sex jokes.

And you sort of have like the real and raunchy handshake that you guys always do right? Yeah, yeah.



Also we usually don't wear pants when we record since you know, when you're when you're like we have some respect, I still thought I'd show a little skin.

You know, oh very nice, yeah, big in the deadly.

Well, there was nothing bigger or deadlier than a nazi.

Oh, this is like every great grandfather, except for mine because mine are all dead.

So this guy's alive.

So I mean same, but like the brief moments, I had they're like the war that should take you very far that's, the bachelor mobile walrus, whoa.

So it's, like a like a walrus spine, no it's more like a walrus, [, __ ].

Uh-Oh, I was about to say we all know about that.

Am I right? Can I get my hands on it? Yeah, oh.

Why? Hi, this is crazy.

I hope he blows it like a flute doesn't.

It look like a photo.

Yeah, a head shop, but I'm shh.

Well, I became acquainted with a walrus when I was lost at sea he's like well that thing you're holding it was in my ass at one time.

Why does he look like he's like falling asleep? Oh, uh, oh, was there something in it? Did he give him this? T, no the the walrus, dick, yeah, him merely stroking it.

Yeah, yeah.

It's pollinating, which, oh, no, oh, wow.

Great fall.


I don't want you to go to canada tomorrow? Oh, okay.

I won't go to canada.

Just finish, oh you're.

So [, __, ] your eyes are brown, I know I, oh, I get it you're.

So full of [, __, ], your eyes are brown that's.


I've never heard that I like that, too.


He leaves here goes the place, kid's, dead.

It goes.

And this is a flashback obviously the night before he left.

Yeah, okay.


The worst latino accent.

I have ever heard in my life that's.

The worst like, you know, I said I ever heard can you? Can you just turn down the funny right now? Stash.

The podcast is not on dude.

This is why I'm single I was going to say, yo, I was just about to ask you ever well.

But in my case yeah, it's definitely happened where I've definitely been like watching a movie at home with like my girlfriend like the girl.

I was seeing last year.

She'd be like all right shh.

And I'd be like making a joke.

I'd be like that's, pretty funny just like shut the [ __ ] up.

People, ask do people ask you this like man, do you guys like talk during movies all the time and it's like? Well, if I'm doing it for work? Yeah, like if I'm watching a movie in the movie theater, I don't say, a peep walk in the theater, and you heard aaron and joe because you're getting a free commentary me after the joke you got that tooth taken out damn, oh, that's.

What he gets for making fun of me.

I've been constructing a very realistic walrus suit, no christ.

Oh, no.

Oh no.

Well, the cosplayer is freaking out feels so amazing to be boring and faithful and sinless.

All of a sudden she's not hot.


Now, you're scared, that's, one, [, __, ] time who is that? Wait, yeah, that's a bigger man's hand.

What if that's uh epic meal time, oh or the podcast guy, the other podcast guy, my brother, oh, [, __, ], it's, haley, joel osment to meet with a star.

I will be staying at home per usual doing what teddy why don't you fill him in on let's have a real laugh after that does anyone I need leaves for the podcast? No way is that possibly, uh, they're, overloading that outlet, dude, that's.

My gaming setup.

Imagine he doesn't even say that he's in danger, he's just like there's.

This walrus [, __, ] and it's.

[, __, ], huge, yeah, it's like so something crazy.

I turned off the walrus, [, __, ] and now I'm dying, no, but he's, just not even gonna pick it up because he's like, um, [, __, ].

His girlfriend.

Oh, nobody can pick it up.

Oh god.

This guy's, why doesn't he call the cops? Yeah, why didn't he call the cops? What are you hitting with? Oh teddy gonna say it's a bit wait a minute.

She believed it she's still.

So I thought she was gonna go in and brush her teeth.

Yeah, yes.

Man is a savage animal? Mr brighton, oh no, oh, he put his [ __, ] body to his.

Yeah, like this is great.

So like we were saying earlier that it's like slow, but like it's it's like really like ramping up.

This is like, yeah, no.

How is he even alive? What the [ __ ] at that? Yeah, there's an earring there's.

A face spread out there's a nose, right? There, yeah, there's a nose.

And there was an ear what the hell that's.

So there are a bunch of other people who stole skin and [ __ ] from walruses never cried.

This is the most insane thing.

I think I've ever seen in my entire life that is, I don't think I've ever seen anything more insane than this.

Yeah, this is actually like so much more [, __, ] up than I was excited.

I'm, oh [.

__ ].

I hate joe as [ __ ].

This is so much joe was super sensitive to anything horror up until like 10th grade.


And since this is actually terrifying.

This is like you're having an awful time.

Well, I think this is a great movie and I'm like having a good time with it it's just so [, __, ] disturbing, yeah.

So now I'm nervous because all I've known all, I knew about this movie this like we've seen it.


So now what this must have been so fun to shoot like it's.

So insane show me how the fishy swim.

I feel like I would have been claustrophobic in that.

Walrus, yeah, well, yeah, for sure I'd be terrified.

No what if like behind the scenes he likes it, and he does this with his girlfriend.

Now, yeah, oh god.

Let me keep this [.

__, ], oh, there's been other ones.


So he's been doing this you're, right? Oh, [.

__, ], the elusive, uh, devil made of the flesh.

This can you tell who that is this is someone in like makeup, right? Yeah, that is like someone in makeup.

This doesn't look like a real human exactly yeah, close.

And he is so close that I can almost, oh, it is wait a minute.

Wait johnny depp.

Yeah, [ __, ], yeah.

Well, his daughter's in the movie.

Yeah, oh my gosh, they don't have these back home.

You know, youtube, oh he's doing what I used to do as a kid when I was a kid, I used to flatten all my sandwiches and my hamburgers and stuff down like that why why I don't know I I think that that's a very good diet.

I have no idea how this movie is going to end me.

Neither I have no clue what's coming.

I know, because like knowing it's 8 24, it could just be an awful ending.

All of them end up being walruses.

Yeah, who in the hell would want to be human it's gonna be great for his podcast.

Man, yeah.

This is insane.

This is so fun crying.

How did you film this? Yeah, like I would be like, how do you wake up the next morning? Be like all right time for work time for [? __, ], walrus suit.

I wonder how long it got it took to get put into the suit.

Yeah, exactly.


He doesn't have a tongue anymore.

So would he taste it? What tongue did? He could? Oh, you cut this out of his tongue, well, that's, why that's what? Uh johnny depp said it look at that was he actually eating? Well, I was eating a little bit.

Yeah, he's.

Getting his little nipples.

My [ __ ], you know, him best, you know what he likes to do and he drives because nobody does nothing in the car.

You sound like heath ledger, right there, too the car heard what I was talking about right? Yeah, yeah, that little draw I'm, not a draw, but whatever that is.

Well, I can't start the car unless you start the car like I can hear that in my father, my father was my father couldn't, start the car.

My father was a walrus.

Oh, no and a female.

You want to know how I got these scars.

I don't know how I got these tusks me when I get a scratcher like a lotto ticket he's, dancing, oh, my god and he's stepping on the other corpses ew, [, __, ], just to show you how cruel man can be.

No, oh, my god.

I thought he was trying to blow him.

Yeah, oh my god, I didn't know what was happening there? I don't even know if he could by allowing my flippered friend, a fighting chance he never had so you will fight.

Oh, what why this is the single craziest thing I've ever seen in my life.

I can't believe what we're seeing they hear it.

They hear him.

Look they're here that was cool too.

Oh, my god, dude, I can't believe they're, almost there, yeah, oh, oh oh no.

Oh, this is all bad.

She knows, oh god, dude.

I'd leave I wouldn't and he's in it right? This movie would end with him in the zoo and all the kids looking at him we're here.

Yep there he is, but they brought him a fish, dude, you got to be a really good friend to keep coming back.

Yeah, yeah, feed this [.


] thing, joe just in case, if this happens to me, just put me out talk, I would have I would have.

I would have pulled the johnny depp immediately walked up and shotgunned your ass.

Yeah, I love you.

Oh, this is what happens when you have a podcast? Oh from the podcast, oh it's based on did they come up, maybe they brainstormed it.

They were shooting the [ __ ] about it on his podcast.

And he was like imagination of a guy named walrus.

And then he was like let's make a movie out of it.

I bet that's what [ __ ] happened.

That's, yeah, that's.

The true events.

That's the true event.

Yeah, it was jason.


I don't know if I would like recommend this to anybody specifically, but like I do respect, the [ __ ] out of this.

This is the ultimate like filmmaking, uh, that was dope, you know what I will say maybe 10 minutes too long.

Thank you for finally giving me a reason to watch tusk.

Thank you for watching it with us.

Yeah, this is amazing.



All right, I guess that's gonna that's gonna wrap this one up sleep? Well tonight, guys, yeah, that was that was different for us.

Yeah, that was really dark check out pretty much its channel.

If you haven't already first link in description, thank you guys for watching drop a like on the video and goodbye.

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