Pet Partners Pet of the Year - Pet Partners (2024)

Does your dog stand out from the rest of the pack? Is your feline friend known for their amazing cat-itude? Perhaps your horse is ready to gallop into a new role!

Pet Partners Pet of the Year - Pet Partners (1)

Rye, 2023 Pet of the Year

Pet Partners Pet of the Year - Pet Partners (2)

Rye, 2023 Pet of the Year

Pet Partners Pet of the Year - Pet Partners (3)

2023 Pet of the Year - Rye Guy

Rye Guy raised more than $14,000 in support of Pet Partners during the competition. Rye and his human Lindsey are a registered Pet Partners therapy animal team who love visiting children at Mayo Clinic, including the patients and their families flying into Rochester (MN) International Airport. In his spare time, Rye loves to do tricks and compete in agility competitions. Connections the team has made through visiting and competing played a big part in Rye winning Pet of the Year.

Rye the Australian shepherd

What is Pet of the Year?

This exciting six-week fundraising competitionthat runs from February 1 through March 15 celebrates our best friends, while supporting a great cause! Funds raised by pet candidates (with help from their favorite humans) will support the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program. This amazing program brings unconditional love, happiness, and healing to millions of seniors, patients, veterans, and children in need all around the world each year.

The national title of “Pet Partners Pet of the Year” is awarded to the pet whose fundraising team raises the most funds during the six-week competition. You can follow the fundraising teams on social media by searching for #petoftheyear. The winner will be crowned at the close of the competition on March 16 and awarded thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes* for their efforts!

*The IRS requires that we report the value of some prizes and may be considered taxable income. We encourage winners to consult with their tax advisor.

Please note: In adherence with Pet Partners’ high standards for animal welfare and client safety, if your pet is currently participating in volunteer therapy animal visits, you must be a registered Pet Partners team to compete.

Pet Partners Pet of the Year - Pet Partners (2024)
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