Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Sweet Carolina Reaper Review (2023)


Today I’m trying Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Sweet Carolina Reaper. 🔥

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Hi welcome back if you're new to my channel, I am kathy and I try things.

I try things.

And I give you my two cents today.

I have a special guest my brother-in-law jeremy.


He has agreed to try the cheetos, flaming, hot carolina.

Reaper, yes.

They look really really really hot.


They do the carolina reaper.

Oh, this is the sweet carolina river.

I'm, sorry.

So maybe the sweet heat will be better than just straight heat.

I hope so uh, do you like the flaming hot you like spicy? I like spicy, I like flamin, hot carolina, reaper scares me a little bit, but we'll, see what happens? White meat, hot's, a little hot for me? Yeah, well so we're gonna make this interesting.

We each have got a five dollar bet here, we're only going to have one because jeremy's, well, we can we'll see what how one goes, uh.

And the first person who drinks loses got it got it smell hot, oh, I see the fire coming out.

So we got to get the same size you're, not getting a little bitty.

One, no get the two biggest ones in there.

It's a big that's, a big one.

This is that is this is that too smaller small.

I gotta get bigger.


Come on that it's, not that many then I'll get a smaller one, pick one out of here, don't rub your eyes.

Why would I double it up or get a smaller? One, smaller, one? What do you think all right? That's, good all right? All right? So there they are.

Ours might be bigger.


It do you want to switch everyone's going to think that I'm cheating that looks pretty good all right? That's? What do you think? Yeah, that's, pretty good all right? All right? Sweet.



All right? Do you ever? Do the one chip challenge? No, okay.

I did that once.

And I only took like this big and my mouth was on fire.

And that was we're putting the whole thing in our mouth.

Right? Yeah.

But I have a feeling that cheetos probably isn't as hot as these no right.

All right? I'm, ready? All right? Cheers, cheers.

I taste so sweet, a little bit tasty.

And now I taste the heat.

Yeah, it's coming on it's.

Good it's, hot, it's, a good flavor.

I really like it.

You can have the whole bag.

Oh, really, not enjoyable it's.

Just it's starting to get really hot.

Can you imagine you keep eating them? Well, that's? What I'm saying I think one one is probably not bad.

I mean, we can deal.

Can we I don't know, I might be five dollars richer here in a little bit that's.

It it's, not it's hot, but it's, not hitting me too bad.

But once again, you like, I do like spicy, I like spicy, I like hot, I like city like flavor, too.

But you think this has a good flavor.

It's got good flavor now.

But I think you're right if I was to keep eating them like sit down and eat them like you're supposed to it would get way too overwhelming one not bad.

I can handle one it's in the back of my throat it's, not as hot as the one chip challenge, no definitely not not anywhere near that.

Honestly, I expect just with the picture of the of the cheeto or frito or whatever this is on fire on the bag.

Sorry, um, I expect.

I expected it to be a lot hotter.

They just want you to be scared.

Yeah, yeah.

All right so it's, starting to cool off.

It is.


Should we do another one? What the first? Okay? Damn.

It let's do another one let the first one cool off a little all right, yeah, let's.

Go again, I think the sweet hits.

You right away.

Sweet does hit you right away, which is good.

And normally I would be grabbing for another one right now, because it tastes really good, but you have to wait a little bit, and then the heat starts.

Then the heat starts getting you.


My back of my tongue is my back of my tongue is going numb it's the front of my tongue.

Now I got the throat.

I got throat thing happening all right, yeah, like I said, I think if you sat and ate a lot at a time, it wouldn't be good.

I gotta do the back of my throat that one hit me a little more it's, not bad though do we go for three are you? I don't think we should wait for the cool down process.

You gotta keep going unless you'd rather take a drink.

Oh, you can take a drink that's a big one, too, oh, you got a big.


I got a big knot on the end of it.


Take it all right.

Oh, this is.

They just have the sweet I'm, not getting as much sweet anymore, though, and I think it's because my my mouth is numb honestly that one wasn't as good because you didn't get the sweet, you know, I didn't get the flavor it's.

So hot, the flavor's going away.

Yeah, definitely not as hot as I was expecting.

I think if you like, no, I agree, I think if you like hot, I think you'll like them, you just don't expect to eat a lot of them that can be good.

You don't overeat just right a little snack, either eat a two three of them and walk on.

Yeah, it's pretty hot first person to drink or blow their noses.

I was gonna say I'm sweating a little bit for another one mosquitos like it all right, um, don't inhale because it's, like I don't know if the trick is to chew it up and swallow it quick or hold it in your mouth.

Well, right, if you like heat, flavor's almost entirely gone for me, there's, no more sweet, it's, all just heat at this point, don't, touch it.

Oh, damn.

Don't, touch your eyes nose is running.

This one's got a little one attached to it.

I got some sweet on I'm gonna say I had flavor on that one, because we waited longer, yeah, more, uh, stuff on it holy cow, though, but is it really enjoyable.

This is not enjoyable it's.

Not enjoyable.

I agree, it's funny.

It would be fun to mix them in with like just the flaming hot.

Because I think these are definitely hotter than the flaming hot.

Yeah, but and they're, not bad they're.


I just I'm, not gonna sit and snack on them one or two at a time.


I wouldn't know.

But if I wanna see if I wanna sit and eat half a bag of cheetos, one night, all right, okay, not too bad.

Not too great.

Either, yeah, sweet.

I think it's worse now that I started taking a drink.

So yeah, so I found these at walmart foundation.


I haven't I'm visiting I'm in wisconsin.

So I'm visiting that's where I found these.

I could not find these at home.

Does it get hotter now that you had a drink? It increases a little, yes, I think it sticks in your throat that's the problem.

So I wonder how many people would buy these again, I would never buy these.

No, no.

I wouldn't either.

I think it's a novelty thing either you have to either really really like heat or it's a novelty thing just to bring home and have people try a couple and then that's probably all you're ever gonna do with them a little challenge, maybe hopefully make some money.

Yeah like this.

So if you've tried the cheetos, flaming hot, um carolina, reaper.

Let me know in the comments below.

And if you have would you buy them again, that's, what I want to know because I wonder all these super hot flavors, how much do the companies actually sell it's like how long will these be around? I don't know, right? Good point.


Thank you.



Thank you.

Thanks for taking my five dollars.


Welcome all right? I appreciate you watching.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will see you next time.




Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Sweet Carolina Reaper Review? ›

CHEETOS FLAMIN' HOT Sweet Carolina Reaper are packed full of flavor. Try this limited time only flavor while you can.

Are the Sweet Carolina Reaper Cheetos Limited? ›

CHEETOS FLAMIN' HOT Sweet Carolina Reaper are packed full of flavor. Try this limited time only flavor while you can.

How hot is the Carolina Reaper Hot Cheetos? ›

That would place the chips at the lower end of the scale relative to the Carolina Reaper pepper, which clocks in at between 1.5 million and over 2 million units. You can find Reddit threads and amateur spice devotees searching for a definitive answer.

How many Scoville units is the Flamin Hot Sweet Carolina Reaper pepper? ›

Though the Reaper clocks in at around 2.2 million units on the Scoville scale—making it the spiciest chili pepper on the planet—people insist on ingesting this capsaicin-packed fruit in new, mind-boggling ways.

What is the hottest version of Cheetos? ›

Cheetos' Smoky Ghost Pepper Puffs Are Only Here for a Flamin' Hot Minute. This pepper-shaped addition to the Flamin' Hot family is the hottest one yet.

Why is Carolina Reaper so expensive? ›

The Carolina Reaper has a Scoville rating of 2.2 million, which means that it is more than 300-500 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper. Fresh Carolina Reapers are typically more expensive than their dried counterparts. This is because they have a shorter shelf life and need to be shipped more quickly.

Is there anything spicier than the Carolina Reaper? ›

There have been recent reports of a Dragon's Breath pepper claiming to be hotter than the Carolina Reaper. Preliminary testing of the Dragon's Breath pepper pegs it at 2,483,584 SHU which would blow the Carolina Reaper out of the water.

How many times hotter is a Carolina Reaper than a Tabasco? ›

It's OVER 600 times hotter than Tobasco Sauce.

Is 50 000 Scoville units hot? ›

Mild (100 to 2,500) Medium (2,500 to 30,000) Hot (30,000 to 100,000) Extra Hot (100,000 to 300,000)

What food has the hottest Scoville unit? ›

24 Types of Peppers Ranked on the Scoville Scale
  • Pure capsaicin: 16,000,000 SHU.
  • Carolina Reaper: 2,200,000 SHU.
  • Trinidad Moruga Scorpion: 2,009,231 SHU.
  • Trinidad Scorpion Butch T: 1,463,700 SHU.
  • Naga Viper: 1,382,118 SHU.
  • Bhut jolokia (ghost pepper): 1,041,427 SHU.
  • Red Savina habanero: 580,000 SHU.
  • Scotch Bonnet: 350,000 SHU.
Jun 7, 2021

How much Scoville is a Taki? ›

Takis (the Fuego version) are estimated to be between 8,000 and 9,000 Scoville units, although the system used for rating foods is designed to work with peppers, not snack foods. Takis are a brand of rolled tortilla chips that are made with corn, vegetable oil, and a spicy chili powder seasoning.

Is 8 000 Scoville units hot? ›

On the Scoville pepper scale, jalapenos range from 2,500 to 8,000 SHU. They're considered spicy but not too hot for most people.

What pepper is 5 million Scoville units? ›

Mad Dog 357's searing blend of chili extract, fresh habanero peppers and cayenne peppers, garlic, and onion is respected by chili heads the world over for its ability to bring the burn and the flavor.

Are Flamin Hot Cheetos hotter than Takis? ›

Unlike Takis, the heat from Cheetos builds over time. Before you know it, the spice is tickling your throat. Some people say Takis are hotter, but in our view, you just taste the spice more quickly. Cheetos might actually deliver a purer spiciness.

Why are hot Cheetos banned in some states? ›

Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Since 2012, some schools in California, New Mexico, and Illinois have banned the hot Cheetos due to their lack of nutritional value, and, well, messiness.

Why are flaming hot Cheetos so popular? ›

Probably, because the popularity of Flamin' Hot exists at the intersection of consumers' love for spicy foods and novelty, and a corporation's love for an easy way to pretend it's making something “new.” Don't be surprised if everything becomes Flamin' Hotted.

What happened to Sweet chili heat Cheetos? ›

Hi there - unfortunately we're no longer producing that flavour.

How many Scoville do Cheetos have? ›

Hot Cheetos are considered a medium-heat snack compared to other spicy snacks. What is this? The average scoville unit for Hot Cheetos ranges from 500 to 50,000 units. On the other hand, other popular spicy snacks that have Sriracha or Tabasco sauce have a Scoville rating of 2,200 to 2,500 units.

Is Flamin Hot Mountain Dew Limited Edition? ›

Gallery. Flamin' Hot was a Mountain Dew flavor first released as an online DEW Store exclusive flavor in August 2021. Months later, it was released in stores in April 2022 for a limited time.

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