Bath & Body Works HOT COCOA & CREAM CANDLE for Christmas Review + Comparision (2023)


Bath & Body Works HOT COCOA & CREAM CANDLE for Christmas Review + Comparision! #bathandbodyworks #fall My NEW Etsy Shop:

Bath & Body Works Christmas -

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Spotty happy tuesday night.

I've got a bonus video for you guys tonight, oh, my goodness.

It is gorgeous out, absolutely beautiful warm fall evening.

I just got back from my walk now, inverted hot, cocoa and cream from the brand new christmas collection.

Oh, my gosh.

It smells amazing I'm actually doing a.

Um all day today, I'm like halloween, christmas halloween, christmas by the way, we're restocking, some halloween in my etsy shop, oh, my gosh and we're.

Also making christmas check these out little blingy, blue bracelets, all kinds of look at these check it out all kinds of christmas bracelets.

So I will put the link to our etsy store below.

And I've got a 10 coupon, um for everybody on the christmas stuff right now.

So definitely check out, uh, the etsy store if you're looking for either christmas presents or some holiday holiday bling.

Oh, my gosh, you guys.

I gotta talk about hot, cocoa and cream, though, hot, cocoa and cream has been a favorite candle of mine throughout the years and I'm, loving the new christmas design this year it's a little bit, um, classy, it's, a little bit cute little mittens on there.

Uh, the brown label has a little bit of a shine to it and I'm just really enjoying this one tonight, it's funny, my mother's sitting over here, making bracelets and we're all like.


The aroma is just it's enveloping us in cozy chocolate.

Oh and the lid, oh my gosh, check out the lid all snow flaky, I'm, loving it.

So I've been loving hot, cocoa and cream for years.

I pulled out a couple of my, um old, hot, cocoa and cream.

This is one of my favorite versions with the squirrel.

They used to put a little bit of nutmeg in their hot, cocoa and cream, which I liked, um made with notes of milk, chocolate steamed, milk and nutmeg.

I don't know if the formula has changed or if um, they just took the nutmeg note off of the jar I'm, not really sure because they smell fairly similar.

Um, this one might be a little bit just a little bit spicier, um, but the hot cocoa, goodness, uh, shines through look at the lid on that.

Oh, my gosh, you guys and then, um, for some reason I had this one too this is from that camp collection.

Look at this.

How pretty this is, I love this jar isn't that gorgeous I could smell these all day, literally, smell them all day.

And then last year we got hot, cocoa and cream, um with the beautiful chocolatey brown wax.

And then the um, there was like a a deer with a santa hat, super cute.

I have one left from last year.

And then remember last halloween, okay, good segue into halloween.

Here, got my halloween shirt on, um, hot, cocoa and scream.

I swear, there was a huge debate about whether or not hot cocoa and scream was actually spicier or not.

Maybe it had the nutmeg.

I have no idea, but it was deep dark chocolate, fresh steamed, milk and mischievous, mini marshmallows.

I thought it was a little spicier.

I could be wrong.

Now I really miss hot, cocoa and scream.

I love the packaging with the witch on here that was super cute that's.


We missed out on this halloween, that's.

Okay, maybe it'll be back next year.


So the set notes on this year is hot, cocoa and cream are the same as last year.

They are the decadent milk, chocolate, fresh steamed, milk and mini marshmallows.

So you're, getting a mixture of like a milk, chocolate it's, a little bit of steamed milk, a little bit of vanilla.

And it really does it smells just like? Um, you've got hot chocolate.

Uh, brewing on your stove is brewing the correct word.

I don't think that's the correct word mother's looking at me like I'm.


Do you brew? Chocolate, you know what you used to get the pan out and set it on the stove with the milk.

And then you do it the old-fashioned way? Now we just use, um, the k-cups and stick it in the coffee machine and and make the hot chocolate that's.

The easier way, um, I wonder what else do I have here.

Oh, I have my single wig, check it out from land of sweets.

This one was so cute.

I really liked it in the in the blue jar that smells.

So good, I love smelling this one cold.

I gotta tell you guys, and I don't know what I did with my single wig from this year.

I always take a hot, cocoa and cream, and I leave it on my desk.

And then when I'm really craving chocolate in the afternoon, sometimes I'll try and like forgo chocolate and I'll, just, um, start smelling my candle or better.

Yet, I just light up hot, cocoa and cream.

And then, um, I try not to eat as much.

I don't know if it works, but I try and then, um, oh my gosh.

You guys.

This is funny the other day I had the hot cocoa and cream burning.

And then what I did was I lit up, the iced cranberry scone, which is another new one coming for christmas and I'm like these two blended in the air really well.

It was like a cranberry scone with like a little hot chocolate on the side I'm like.

Yeah, this is doing a lot of good.

Now I wanted.

I want a cranberry scone and some hot chocolate.

So it did me, no good.

So anyway, super cute jar style for this year.

I absolutely love it classic bath and body works.

If you like chocolate, if you like hot chocolate, um, this is definitely one that you should try.

I would put this on your christmas list it's coming soon and then, um, you know what else I found when I was in the basement looking for candles.

I found the french baguette.

Oh my gosh.

So this morning, remember what I was saying that the um, the uh, sugar, cherry crisp, just left my brain, sugar, cherry crust.

Candle, smelled doughy.

I swear, they used the base a french baguette for that candle because it's like they took the french baguette.

And they just loaded on the cherry and it's funny it's, not the same cherry in the firecracker pop or the black cherry merlot to me to me.

It smells more like when you open a can of cherries, and then you cook, it it's like that deeper cherry.

I don't know, but this is definitely the base this french baguette by the way you can buy french baguette online now, um, they have it's like an online exclusive.

I think so if anyone's looking for french baguette it's available.

So anyway, let me know what you guys think of hot, cocoa and cream is it a favorite for you? Is it a classic? Let me hold up the two jars from the two years, they're cute.

They kind of go together, but um I'm looking forward to seeing what other new christmas candles, hopefully cross your fingers, you guys handle sale.

And we get christmas candles this week, I'm, hoping you guys anyway tomorrow morning, if anything lands I'll be here to let you guys know, and then who knows maybe on friday, we'll get something.

So anyway, thank you so much for watching I'll.

See? You guys later, bye.


What does Bath and Body Works hot cocoa and cream smell like? ›

What it smells like: a mug of sweet, creamy hot chocolate. Fragrance notes: decadent milk chocolate, fresh steamed milk and mini marshmallows.

Are Bath and Body Works candles worth it? ›

Bath & Body Works has always been a top contender when it comes to quality candles and addictive scents. Yes. There's a reason that Bath & Body Works has been the mainstream go-to for all things fragrance. The brand delivers quality fragrances that disperses widely without being overpowering.

What's the difference between White Barn and Bath and Body Works candles? ›

A: Yes, they are the same scent. White Barn is a sister company of Bath and Body Works. White Barn candles are sold in Bath and Body Works stores when a free-standing store isn't in the same location as a Bath and Body Works. Hope this answer helps!

What day is the big candle sale at Bath and Body? ›

Every year since the day's 2013 inception, candle lovers across the nation gather on the first Saturday of December to take advantage of Bath & Body Works' annual candle sale. Three wick candles that usually retail for around $25 will only be $9.50.

What is the most famous scent in Bath and Body Works? ›

Japanese Cherry Blossom scent is the most popular Bath & Body Works scent of all time. It is a classic scent that has been around since 1995. It continues to be a top seller due to its light, floral notes. What is the strongest Bath & Body Works scent?

What is the most common Bath and Body Works scent? ›

While you can't really go wrong with any Bath & Body Work fragrances, there are a few that consumers keep coming back to. Champagne Toast, Eucalyptus Mint, Mahogany Teakwood, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and A Thousand Wishes are some of the most popular scents that are universally beloved.

What is the best smelling candle from Bath and Body? ›

The Strongest Smelling Bath and Body Works Candles 2022, Ranked!
  • Laundry Day.
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. ...
  • Fresh Balsam. ...
  • Leaves. ...
  • Fresh Cut Lilacs. ...
  • Blueberry Pie. ...
  • White Gardenia. ...
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint. It may sound like an odd combination of smells, but these two scents actually go together really well. ...

What candles are better than Bath & Body Works? ›

Our Favorite Alternatives to Bath and Body Works Candles
  • Goose Creek Candles. Goose Creek offers a wide variety of scents, but their candles can be hit or miss. ...
  • DW Home Candles. ...
  • Huntington Home Candles from Aldi. ...
  • Colonial Candle. ...
  • Opalhouse Candles from Target. ...
  • Kringle Candle Company. ...
  • JewelScent Candles. ...
  • Discount Home Stores.

How long can I store Bath and Body Works candles? ›

Most unopened items from Bath & Body Works—lotions, candles, the like—have a three-year shelf life, so simply add three years to the manufacturing date, and you'll have your expiration date.

Does Bath and Body Works body cream expire? ›

Sealed containers should remain fresh for three years after the manufacture date. Skin care products in opened containers should be effective for up to two years. After two years? It's best to toss them and re-stock!

Why are bath and body candles so expensive? ›

One is the brand and it's marketing. This company spends a ton of money on visuals and focus on being aesthetically pleasing to a wide variety of shoppers. You'll notice that they actually keep a lot of fragrances year round and will make variations of their labels depending on the season or holiday.

How often does Bath and Body Works do $10 off candles? ›

Bath & Body Works Candle Day sale open happens once a year.

How many times do Bath and Body Works candles go on sale? ›

Bath & Body Works Annual Candle Day Sale

Once a year in December, Bath & Body Works offers their beloved three-wick candles for the lowest prices of the year. The Bath & Body Works Candle Sale is traditionally held on or near the first Saturday of December — and the 2021 sale kicked off Dec. 3 (right on time).

What is the candle day limit? ›

Candle Day 2022 price

Between the lines: There's a purchase limit of 18 candles, the company said. By the numbers: Bath & Body Works said the sale will feature 150-plus candles including holiday scents like The Perfect Christmas and Fresh Balsam. More than 40 new candles will also drop for the sale.

What Bath and Body Works fragrance lasts the longest? ›

Best Long-Lasting Fragrance: Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Fine Fragrance Mist. One of the best scents from Bath & Body Works, A Thousand Wishes, exudes joy and celebration. It is highlighted with the scents of pink prosecco, sparkling quince, and star fruit, which smells sweet, fruity, and delicious.

What is the most pleasing scent in the world? ›

A study conducted by researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and the University of Oxford has found that vanilla is the world's most universally-loved scent.

What is the most famous fragrance in the world? ›

Chanel No.

5 remains the world's most famous perfume. This powdery floral is a masterful blend of over 80 ingredients, including ylang-ylang, Rose Centrifolia and jasmine.

Which Bath and Body Works smells like chocolate? ›

Chocolate Covered Cherry by Bath & Body Works is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. Chocolate Covered Cherry was launched in 2021.

What is the best smell in bathroom? ›

Lavender is a good choice because it is relaxing and can help to mask any unpleasant odours. Citrus is another good option because it is refreshing and can help to boost your energy levels. Eucalyptus is also a good choice for the bathroom because it has antibacterial properties and can help to clear your sinuses.

What does the perfect Christmas candle from Bath and Body Works smell like? ›

Fragrance. What it smells like: placing Santa's sweets by the tree. Fragrance notes: fresh cut pine, cinnamon sugar and toasted marshmallow.

Which bath and body candle smells like a Christmas tree? ›

Under the Christmas Tree 3-Wick Candle | Bath & Body Works.

Are you supposed to light all 3 wicks? ›

For 3-wick candles, you should burn all three wicks the first time, even if you only plan on using one at a time in the future. You want the wax to create an even surface the first time for later burns to follow.

Do Bath and Body Works candles lose their scent? ›

Yes, that's right — scent degradation is actually the same underlying process that produces a candle's cold throw. The good news is that scent degradation happens very gradually and is almost unnoticeable for the first 6 months to a year, depending on the type of wax and the quality of fragrance oils used.

What in Bath and Body Works candles is bad for you? ›

The biggest problem with Bath & Body Works candles is that they use paraffin wax. Specifically, the candles use a blend of paraffin wax, soy wax, and palm oil. Paraffin is a petroleum-based product, and when burned, it releases toxic chemicals into the air like benzene and toluene.

Which scented candles last the longest? ›

Beeswax is the Clear Winner

Out of the natural candle waxes available, beeswax burns the longest. Created by honey bees to build honeycomb cells in their beehives, beeswax is harder and denser than other types of candle wax and burns at a higher temperature, making it the perfect choice for longer-lasting candles.

What to do with leftover candle jars from Bath and Body Works? ›

10 Clever Ways To Repurpose Bath & Body Works Candle Jars
  1. Make a Fairy Night Light. Stuff a string of micro LED lights into a clean candle jar. ...
  2. Show Off A Collection. ...
  3. Craft a Snow Globe. ...
  4. Make Homemade Potpourri. ...
  5. Create A Stunning Centerpiece. ...
  6. Organize Your Craft Area. ...
  7. Design Festive Luminaries. ...
  8. Give Succulents A Home.
Feb 24, 2020

Why do Bath and Body Works candles not burn all the way? ›

There are many factors while in use that can affect any candle's performance, including: room drafts, debris that may have accumulated in the wax's melt pool, wick length and proper pre‐burn trimming which is included on the instructions on the candle label.

Why is my body cream yellow? ›

Color: When skin care products are exposed to air and light, they can oxidize and turn yellow, orange, or brown. If you notice a new tinge to your lotion you haven't seen before, that may be a sign it's time to invest in a new product.

How long do Bath and body Works Wallflowers last unopened? ›

Wallflowers plugs should last for at least two years, but you can keep them in your collection forever (heart emojis).

Can you use expired body cream? ›

An expired lotion doesn't hurt or damage skin, but the product won't lock in moisture or hydrate as thoroughly. (In the case of cooling lotions or other specific-use items, they probably won't work as well.) Sealed and unopened bottles should be good for three years.

Why do Bath and Body Works candles turn black? ›

Incomplete combustion happens when the flame melting the wax and the rate of the wax fueling the flame aren't in balance. If wax is drawn into your candle flame faster than it can burn, incomplete combustion occurs. This means you'll likely see black smoke rise in the air and soot form inside of your vessel.

Is candle making cheaper than buying? ›

It's significantly less expensive to make scented candles versus buying them in-store. For example, a 22oz candle from Yankee Candle costs roughly $30; if you spent $30 on supplies for a DIY Yankee Candle, you could make roughly 77oz of candle, meaning each 22oz candle would cost you $8.57.

What company makes Bath and Body Works candles? ›

The White Barn Candle Company is a popular designer of home fragrance products widely distributed through Bath & Body Works stores.

Is it worth it to buy Bath and Body Works candles? ›

Bath & Body Works has always been a top contender when it comes to quality candles and addictive scents. Yes. There's a reason that Bath & Body Works has been the mainstream go-to for all things fragrance. The brand delivers quality fragrances that disperses widely without being overpowering.

Can you use 2 20% off coupons at Bath and Body Works? ›

Offer cannot be combined with any other scannable coupons or code-based offers except My Bath & Body Works Rewards and Birthday Reward. Offer is not valid toward previous purchases or on product purchased through third parties (including, but not limited to, Instacart).

How do I get a welcome offer from Bath and Body Works? ›

If you sign up for the My Bath & Body Works rewards program, you'll automatically become eligible for a welcome offer.

Can you use more than one coupon at Bath and Body Works in store? ›

Stack multiple coupons at any Bath & Body Works store.

Stacking means you can use all three coupons in a single transaction. Mailed coupons won't stack with in-store coupon codes like those you may receive from a Bath & Body Works email, or the ones you get as a My Bath & Body Works Rewards member.

Can you use expired Bath and Body Works coupons online? ›

Rewards are valid for ninety (90) days from date issued. Expired Rewards will not be replaced. Rewards are single use only whether redeemed in Participating Stores or on the Website or App.

What is the 84 candle rule? ›

Give most of your 84 candles away for free.

Giving everything you make away ensures you don't get distracted by the business side of this world. Think of it as putting one foot in front of the other when you're learning to move around: candle making is walking, and selling candles is a sprint.

Why shouldn't you burn a candle for more than 3 hours? ›

Burning a candle for too long will cause carbon to collect on the wick, leading it to “mushroom.” The wick will then become unstable and produce a dangerously large flame. Plus, your candle will start to smoke and release soot. Avoid this by always following the manufacturer's instructions.

Why can't you burn a candle for more than 2 hours? ›

If you burn a candle for too long, carbon can collect on the wick and make it unstable. This can lead to a dangerously large flame, smoke and soot. So, always follow the candlemaker's instructions. As a rule of thumb, candles should not be allowed to burn for longer than four hours.

What Bath and Body Works smells like chocolate? ›

Chocolate Covered Cherry by Bath & Body Works is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women. Chocolate Covered Cherry was launched in 2021.

What Bath and Body Works smells like marshmallow? ›

Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works

Blended with toasted marshmallow, smoldering woods, fire roasted vanilla and crystalized amber, it's warm, cozy, sweet scent perfect for fall… especially when you're craving the outdoors.

When did hot cocoa and cream Bath and Body Works come out? ›

Hot Cocoa and Cream by Bath & Body Works is a Aromatic Fruity fragrance for women. Hot Cocoa and Cream was launched in 2018.

Why does Bath and Body Works retired scents? ›

Bath & Body Works has always offered low-cost yet high-quality beauty products. But unfortunately for some fans, the brand constantly retires products to make room for new lines — and there's no worse feeling than your signature scent being discontinued.

What is the sweetest scent of Bath and Body Works? ›

Best Sweet Fragrance: Bath & Body Works Holiday Traditions Vanilla Bean Noel Fine Fragrance Mist.

Does Bath and Body Works use the same scents with different names? ›

​If you have been a fan of BBW for a while, you probably know they recycle/repackage their fragrances ALL THE TIME. They do this for both Body care & Home Fragrances. They change the name, and sometimes the scent NOTES themselves, and sell them as NEW.

What is the smell of champagne toast Bath and Body Works? ›

Fragrance. What it smells like: a fruity, sweet, sparkling spritzer. Fragrance notes: bubbly champagne, sparkling berries and juicy tangerine.

What is the hippy scent? ›

Patchouli is known for being the hippie scent-of-choice in the 1960s, but its traditional uses date back thousands of years.

What scent is beach bum? ›

BEACH BUM scent description: Tropical coconut, warm kola nut and fresh island fruits.

Is it OK to use old Bath and Body Works lotion? ›

Sealed containers should remain fresh for three years after the manufacture date. Skin care products in opened containers should be effective for up to two years. After two years? It's best to toss them and re-stock!

What is the oldest Bath and Body Works product? ›

The oldest scent is Sweet Pea.

It launched in 2000 and has been a shopper favorite since then.

How long can you keep Bath and Body Works body cream? ›

Generally, the manufacturer recommends using their Bath & Body Works lotion within 2–3 years of opening it. This timeline may vary depending on how frequently you use the product, as well as environmental factors such as heat or extreme moisture.

Why not to buy Bath and Body Works candles? ›

The biggest problem with Bath & Body Works candles is that they use paraffin wax. Specifically, the candles use a blend of paraffin wax, soy wax, and palm oil. Paraffin is a petroleum-based product, and when burned, it releases toxic chemicals into the air like benzene and toluene.

What happens to unsold Bath and Body Works products? ›

Anything used, gets damaged whether it be home fragrance or body care. If it's body care such as: lotions, body soaps, or hand soaps, the contents get dumped (preventing people from ravishing through the dumpster) and the bottle gets damaged out. This is usually done by either scribbling all over it, or cutting it up.

Did Victoria Secret buy Bath and Body Works? ›

In March 2021, L Brands announced it would spin off Victoria's Secret as a stand-alone publicly traded company, and then change its name to Bath & Body Works, Inc. As of August 3, 2021, the separation was complete, and Bath and Body Works stock started trading under the ticker symbol "BBWI".

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